Why Seal My Driveway?

A driveway's surface wears down over time. As it dries out, it can become brittle, crack or may start pebbling if not taken care of.


At King Sealer we chose to use Black Mac. Black Mac sealer permeates & penetrates while creating a protective barrier between your pavement & the elements.


And let's face it, with the winters we've been getting, every bit helps! Multiple thaws & fluctuating temperatures dish out some punishing conditions, year after year.

Benefits of regular driveway maintenance include:

  1. Retain or improve property value
  2. Prevent deterioration
  3. Increase the longevity of your driveway

How often Should I Seal My Driveway?

Depending on the age and grade of pavement this can vary, 10 year driveway never been sealed- bi annually for  a well maintained surface, as the driveway breaks down and becomes more damaged more treatment may be required.

What is the best time of Year to Seal My Driveway?

Spring to fall. Spring coating helps prevent drying out

When is it bad to seal?

What is Black Mac? And why is it the best?

How can I Maintain My Driveway?

Here's some tips to help maintain your driveway

  1. avoid oil leaks
  2. be careful chipping ice

Why King Sealer?

Professionalism, quality, clean job site, workmanship.

Thicker layer

edge to edge tight into corner - clean lines

What Kind of Sealant Should I Use?

Roller Vs Spray?


Save the Tax